Unlock the Power of Fasting Physiology.

Most weight-loss diets are based on restriction and depend on your level of self control. That almost never works long term. The truth is that successful weight loss FIRST requires the healing of your metabolism. A well functioning metabolism naturally maintains a healthy weight - effortlessly. In this second phase of LFL, you'll learn how to leverage fasting physiology to optimize your metabolism. We'll support you through your healing journey so that you can achieve effective, healthy, and lasting weight loss.

Why Fasting?

Fasting impacts your body in a very different way than just eating less calories. When you get into a fasting state, you unlock ancient and important metabolic pathways in your body. These pathways accelerate your metabolic health by releasing protective hormones, improving insulin resistance, and switching you into 'fat burning mode'. These differences make fasting easier, safer, and more effective for weight loss than traditional 'calorie cutting'.

Program Details

Optimize is the second phase of Lean for Life.

In this phase, you can expect to lose 5-15 lbs of fat, while protecting your muscle.

You'll learn WHAT type of fasting is ideal for you, how to implement it, and you'll get support in week 3 with your choice of either a ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet or with an optimized phase of water fasting.

You can attend virtually from anywhere.

Your membership includes:

  • A weekly seminar led by Lean for Life creator and Registered Dietitian Erin Skinner (watch recorded)
  • Course shell access with tutorial videos for each week, meal plans, and bonus resources
  • Access to our private Facebook community
  • Money-back guarantee! If you follow the program and don't lose weight, you're entitled to a full refund.

Professional Support

Lean for Life is delivered live by creator and Dietitian, Erin Skinner. There is also an option to view the seminars as a recording. You'll have a weekly live session for instruction, an optional weekly coaching session, and daily access to support via our private Facebook page community.

Delicious Food

No low-fat rice cakes here. Healthy fats are critical to metabolic health. You'll learn exactly how to combine these fats with the right proteins and carbs to create quick, delicious meals. You'll also learn how to optimize the TIMING of your food for optimal benefits.

Fits Your Busy Life

Lean for Life is for real people with kids, jobs, travel, and hobbies. Most people actually experience an IMPROVEMENT of their stress and sleep on the program because Lean for Life streamlines the process of eating well. Also, good nutrition leads to improved stamina throughout the day.

Are you a current 1:1 client at our clinic? Join with a discount!

If you are a current client in our clinic, you can join LFL on a monthly basis vs the 3 month installments for non-clients. For less than $40/month, abandon outdated calorie-cutting approaches and heal your metabolism for good. Email us for more information or if you have any questions. [email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.

Designed for Families

Have a partner? Couples crush Lean for Life! It's designed with family eating in mind. The program also works great for families with kids. (It's created by a mom of 3 young boys). Your family will NOT have to fast in order for you to be successful in the this phase of the program.

Lean for Life Success Stories

"I lost 10 pounds, reduced snacking, better sleep. Valuable information, it helped me get back on track to lose weight. Very sensible diet. Easy to follow. "


"I lost at least 6 pounds (that's what I was down after 2 weeks). I have more energy and am sleeping better."


"I am sleeping better, less cravings and feel better"


"I didn't weigh myself to start, so I'm not sure - but I have definitely lost weight. I am definitely a lot less bloated. I fit into my clothes better. I feel much more energetic. I haven't been hungry outside of mealtimes. I've also been much more upbeat."


"I lost 10 pounds not as puffy or bloated feeling"


"Sleeping is so much better! I think everyone should do this"


"I lost 9.5 lbs. I didn’t take measurements before, but can already feel clothes a little looser. Prior to the plan, I was having acid reflux often and that stopped completely. I feel much better eating this way and this program was a good reset for me."


"Having recently completed the Lean for Life program I can tell you there are no easier options. You have both a recipe based option, all of which are straightforward and come with a shopping list! The other option was a sheet to check off and meet goals in certain categories. I have never seen a program that was as easy and really sets you up for success during and after the program!"


"I lost about 5 lbs. my appetite is better and I have more energy "


"I always learn something new at each seminar with LFL! I love having the weekly meal plans and check list to take the work out of guessing. Recipes are easy to make and easily adaptable for families. Aside from weight loss, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, less cravings for unhealthy foods and clearer skin! It’s a wonderful tool that can easily become a lifestyle over a diet."



  • Lean for Life Optimize includes two track choices. Both tracks start with "intermittent fasting" (eating within a shorter window each day). Then, in week 3...
  • Track 1 is Prolon! We will all follow a 5-day fasting mimicking diet together (daily support that week).
  • Track 2 is traditional fast. Join us in week 3 for a drip into autophagy fasting.

  • Both tracks include optional meal plans and all of the instruction, materials, and support that you will need for success.

  • Lean for Life can be attended 100% virtually

  • You can ask questions, share updates, and connect with other community members in our optional, private Facebook group.

  • Lean for Life participants lose 5-15 lbs in the 4-week Optimize Phase.
  • Optimize Phase alumni have the option to later join us for phase 3: Refine.

  • Vegetarians can join Lean for Life. However, although the program is high in plants, it is not a vegetarian program. Animal proteins are encouraged.

  • Alcohol is allowed on Lean for Life but limited to 2 drinks, two nights per week (2x2).

  • Have other questions about Lean for Life? Send us an email! [email protected]


  • I'm terrified of fasting. Should I do this?
  • In this course, you'll learn about fasting physiology, and how to leverage it best for your gender, age, and activity level.
  • You won't be forced into an extreme, horrible fasting experience. You're in control to choose between different levels. You can start with even just 'fasting' 12 hours each day (i.e. eating from 7am - 7pm).

  • What gender is this for?
  • All gender identities are welcome in Lean for Life.
  • A small part of the program does explore differences in fasting physiology between men and women.

  • Who is this ideal for?
  • You're right for Lean for Life if you struggle with your weight, have metabolic problems (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance), and/or want to optimize your body's ageing process.
  • Fasting also induces a process (autophagy) that cleans out cells, reducing your risk for cancer, dementia, and metabolic syndrome. So, you're also a good fit for LFL if you want to learn how to get those benefits.

  • Who should not do this?
  • Not everyone is a good fit for fasting. You're not in the right place for this program if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are underweight (BMI<19), experience hypoglycemia, or have adrenal dys-regulation (i.e. anxiety, insomnia, extreme fatigue).
  • Athletes also may not be a good fit, especially if you are an endurance athlete.
  • Please contact us if you're unsure if you should join.

  • What is ProLon?
  • Prolon is a 5-day meal kit that is scientifically designed and proven to induce fasting physiology. So, you get the benefits of a 5-day fast without actually fasting (you eat about 4 times each day).
  • You'll have the option of going through a ProLon with the group (with daily coaching) in week 3 of the program.
  • You'll also get a discount on your ProLon kit. Learn more about ProLon HERE.

  • What if I haven't done LFL Phase 1 (Heal)?
  • Ideally, you should complete LFL phase 1 before phase 2, because phase 1 teaches you the right way to eat WHEN you're eating. However, it's not mandatory.
  • During week 1 of this program, you will get a brief overview of the eating pattern that you should follow during your 'eating window'. You'll also have access to resources and support for questions.